dsg 1658 - Planet

planet and moons

the star once told me

"Son, at your age you should be wary of moons because too many will heavily affect your gravity field but,
one day,
you'll find the One moon big enough to snatch your planetary rings and that true love is gonna last until kingdom comes (or i implode and swallow you all)"


Moleskine Today & extra

my moleskine had no penciled pages and people started judging me for that..

defying gravity
right foot is so wrong

King of Hell   -   Thorns of Pride
much wrong anatomically and I totally gave up on the left arm of the guy on the 2nd page

at the beach
I wanted to make the girl's arms weird on purpose but they failed on me when I broke the curve and tried to hint at elbows joint and triceps. With a little planning ahead I bet those hands would have worked like that, they've always worked on penguins..


Spaghetto Boom-Boom

Spaghetto Boom-Boom

Gunslinger, Douchebag, Otaku and doesn't say much about anything really..

Sheriff, Judge and Justice of a town of scoundrels

Earned his nickname "boom-boom" because you'll hear the boom of his hand unsheathing the gun and breaking the sound barrier only after the bullet has hit you dead.

( some say it's because his wife banged most of his friends and half the jail. The couple is eternally disfunctional, tied in an Adultery chase after one another but luckily their daughter barely knows they even exist and lives with her grandpas -mother side-  )

way too long a background for a one page character

Charlize Theron - portrait + caricature?!?

Charlize Theron

study from reference but the caricature is way too high on the creepy scale


EasyToon gif



dsg 1656 - Tattooed Alien


& colored